Joanne Rode

When I retired in 2016 I wanted to find something challenging to fill my time. Eight years ago I started writing a novel which I never completed, so writing was something that appealed to me. That novel is still sitting on the back burner, but I will complete it one day. I have recently published my first book, THE FACE IN THE WAVE. As a retired librarian, I am familiar with the pleasure one finds in reading a well-written story. I began my career as a librarian twenty years ago while living on Maui. The birth of my grandchildren lured me back to the mainland where I continued my work as a librarian in Orange County, and later in Los Angeles County in the city of Burbank. I am now retired, my grandchildren are grown, and I enjoy using my free time to write.

I love to walk along the bluffs in Santa Monica where I can smell the fresh air of the ocean, and watch the light glimmer off the trees along the bluff. I have never surfed and relied heavily on my four grandchildren to accurately depict surfing as well as the teen lingo in my book, THE FACE IN THE WAVE. I felt they were hiding from me after a while.

I revised my book many times and I am grateful for all the helpful input of other writers, not to mention I had a very talented editor, The Artful Editior, who did such a beautiful job on the book design, and whose insightful comments  made my book something I am sincerely proud of.  I am even grateful for the negative comments about my book because it forced me to look deep inside myself, and question what I really wanted to say, and be true to my own vision. I used to teach study skills, and one of the things I read and passed along to my students, was that often the most talented and successful people had an important person in their life tell them that they had no talent and would never be successful, but they kept going because they believed in themselves. What I love about being a self-publisher is that it allows me to tell my story exactly the way I want to.  I am currently in the process of revising that book that has been sitting on the back shelf for eight years.