Susan M 
Joanne Rode's Face in the Wave is an enjoyable and fast moving account
                   of a 13-year-old boy's love of the sea, dolphins, and an encounter with an 
                   exotic sea creature which he tries to protect. The story is filled with exciting 
                   twists and turns. It's a story of love, family, and the mystery of life. You won't 
                  want to put it down. I highly recommend it for all ages.
                   Mia M
For ages 12 and up. I recommend this incredible book full of adventure, drama, 
                   and suspense. Where Joanne Rode takes you on a journey based on an unlikely
                   friendship between a mermaid and a human. With a heart-melting ending and
                   plot twists you'll never see coming, this is sure to be one of your favorite reads.
                   Val B
                    Fun, suspenseful, and informative story. I loved the characters in this book, and
                    the story hooks you from the very first page. This is the perfect book for reading 
                    by the beach or pool, or for when it's cold out and you want to be transported to
                    the Southern California coast. The Face in the Wave is ideal for teenage readers,
                    but also interesting for older readers as well. The dialogue between the boys and
                    their friends brought back fun memories of growing up in California and hanging out
                    with surfers. I enjoyed learning about dolphins, and the other topics covered in this
                    story. This is a book that you can easily give as a gift, or share with family members, 
                    and not be embarrassed. It's, like, the perfect book.
Great Read:  This book was phenonmenal. The story was unique. The characters were 
                    relatable and I recommend it for all ages!
                   Doni H
Amazing what I learned from this book! I bought this book as a gift for a couple of
                   teenage friends, but what a surprise when I got hooked on reading it myself. From
                   page one you are into a great story with characters that are "real" with information
                   on dolphins, surfers, and biology that is really real. It is a fun, quick read that is so
                   enlightening you don't feel you've wasted your time reading it. The dialogue is so
                   genuine and the information so thought provoking. This a very well written book, a
                    pleasure to read and give. 
                    Laird P
Informative and Thought Provoking! After seeing Blackfish I realized that whales 
                    shoulldn't be kept in captivity, and now I realize neither should dolphins! The Face
                    in the Wave highlighted what really intelligent animals they are and keeping them
                    in captivity is just cruel. This book is beautifully written and thought provoking.
                    Brad M
Great Read! This is a wonderful book with an imaginative and heart-felt story.
                    I gave it to my sister who is an 8th grade English teacher, and she is now
                    adding it to her library for her students.
                    Joan C
                    I am grateful for the discussion questions because they are perfect for my
                    Book Club.
                    Griffin B
Thoroughly enjoyed! This is a creative and imaginative book that revealed
                    issues that I had never considered before.
                    Shane M
My grandmother gave me this book for my 16th birthday, and it is amazing!
                    It honestly made me want to swim with dolphins. The imagery of the sea in
                    the book allows me to picture the whole scene and makes me feel as if I am
                    the boy in the novel. 
                    Joan F
This is a wonderful story for all ages. I loved this book for many reasons. It's
                    a really good story. whether you like dolphins or not because all the characters
                    are so realistic. The two teen-age boys are just like my sons were at those ages.
                    In addition, the surprise ending expresses an issue that is extremely relevant today.